Engaging talks and workshops

My very first talks were about being a woman in IT with the audience of young girls deciding their educational path. While my talks have had many different topics over the years they still have the same characteristics: a topic that I care about and where others might benefit from know more.

My first public conference was XP 2013 in Vienna about having the courage to be yourself. Since then I have delivered impactful keynotes across three continent as well as numerous other talks and workshop at conferences and inside companies.

Often when I work with companies, the starting point will be one of my existing talks or workshops; together we then decide if something should be added, something should be swapped out, or there needs to be focus on a specific topic

Topics I regularly talk about:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Psychological Safety
  • Courage
  • Mental Health
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Stress and Depression
  • Coaching

I can also customize a talk or a workshop for you 🙂


In my work with companies, I sometimes create customized workshops depending on what is needed in that particular organisation. Some workshops I will only do once, whereas others have been helpful over and over. The topics in my workshops are wide spread.

These are workshops that I have done several times before either at companies or at conferences; they will evolve and get updated over time as I learn more and develop my body of work.

  • Psychological Safety – 3 hour introduction
  • Psychological Safety – full day workshop
  • Exploring your courage – 3 hour workshop
  • Communication – full day workshop
  • Communication – two day workshop

Upcoming talks 2024:

These are the conferences I will be talking at in 2024. Perhaps you would like to attend one of the conferences?

If you would like to book me for a workshop or a talk now that I am in your area, please get in touch 🙂

Done talks 2024