Ready to Work

Two weeks ago I did a workshop on psychological safety. Preparing and doing this workshop felt good; and the participants were pleased; I am back in the game 🙂

I wish to stay self-employed, and I am looking for work. So I am available, if you want a workshop/course or a talk from me. I can also be booked for advising, mentoring, 1-1 coaching, facilitation, and coaching. I work with leadership as well as teams, organisations, and individuals on any level.

I prefer working in person especially when working with several people; individual coaching works well remotely and there are several of my clients that I have not met in person. I am willing to travel to some extend.

In consulting I see it as my job to help you find your solution. There is no golden bullet that can solve all there are good solutions that work in a context. This means that I can’t always tell you up front what you need; this is somethings we will find out together. It works best if it is a collaboration between you and me.

I am known for being honest in kind way and for taking difficult topics; making them very concrete and understandable. I may not tell you what you want to hear; if that is what you want, you should hire someone else.

With my background I have a broad knowledge about how an organisation works from strategy, vision, OKRs, finance, organisational health, organisational structure to tech. I have a very deep knowledge about psychological safety, courage, communication, collaboration, leadership, team collaboration, engineering culture, individual and team coaching, not to mention many aspects of agile and other ways of working. I pull in what ever is needed, whether that is risk management or retrospectives. Most tools have value in some context.

Most of my work involve elements of psychological safety, vulnerability and courage, trust, communication, learning environments, helping people think and reflect; retrospectives, working with responsibility, accountability, and clear expectations. These are things I believe matter the most. Engineering culture, agile, going from vision to daily work, processes, structure, planning – my palette is big. I enjoy my work the most, when I can help people grow and do better work.

So what kind of services do I offer?

Common for all my services are that I help people think better, reflect, make decisions, and not least: getting the things done as well as plan them.

I have off the shelf workshops and talks, which can also be customized to fit your needs/wishes. All talks can be done in person or remotely; all workshops can be done in person, and some of them work remotely as well.

The themes of the talks and workshops range from courage, mental health, how to structure work, communication, leadership, working in teams, accountability and responsibility over various topics around psychological safety and more.

I offer individual coaching to people in leadership and teams; I offer regular coaching, where you find the answers by me helping you to think. I also offer a mix of coaching, mentoring, and advising, which is the one that most people are looking for. We will always decide which of these two you want, before we start.

I work with leadership about being modern leaders; on how to implement accountability and responsibility – not just for others, but for themselves; on setting the frames for autonomous/empowered teams; on going from visions and strategy to something that can be used in the work of teams; on how to communicate and choose the right words; on how to get better at creating psychological safety; and I work with leadership on how to listen.

I work with teams on being teams, on taking responsibility, on communicating and collaborating, and much more.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch and let’s see if we are a match 🙂