🧐 So.. What is next?

As I finished my work at Mentimeter, many colleagues asked “What is next?” or “Where are you going?”, and my honest answer was: “I don’t know –  yet”. The only thing I do know is that I will be staying in Stockholm. This is where I feel at home.

Priority one has been taking some rest and taking care of some tough private matters that needed handling. As I now start to feel my head is above water, I have started contemplating what to pursue next.

Stairs made of stones going upwards in a green forest. There are trees on both sides of the stairs and small hedges following the border of the stairs.
The photo is there to symbolise moving forward into something green and fruitful.
Photo by Sebin Thomas on Unsplash

In the meantime I will be doing shorter engagements, meaning I am available, if you want to buy a workshop/courses or a talk from me. I can also be booked for advising, 1-1 coaching, facilitation or coaching short term.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk to me about an opportunity.

I will be speaking at conferences like Agile on the Beach and more that are yet to be confirmed/revealed. I might even take part in some podcasts if they sound interesting 🙂

I am holding the door open for longterm things, so if you have just the right employment or consultant gig for me, I am open for input and inspiration 🙂

Maybe I will go back to being an agile coach? Maybe I will be a manager? Perhaps an organisational coach? Do more 1-1 coaching or advising as I have done before? Maybe something totally different? Maybe I will be employed again? Or be a consultant in my own company? 

There are many options. All I know for now is that it will be about helping people grow and feel safe. Working with people and creating good environments is what I do best.

It will most likely involve elements of psychological safety, vulnerability and courage, trust, communication, learning environments, helping people think and reflect; retrospectives, working with responsibility, accountability, and clear expectations. These are things I believe matter the most. It could be working with individuals, teams, leadership, or organisations… Engineering culture, agile, going from vision to daily work, processes, structure, planning – my palette is big. I prefer working onsite as many of the interpersonal skills benefit from being in the same room. 

For now I will continue my contemplations…

What do you think I should do? Leave me a comment please!