Why it took me so long to make my playpplication

So for play4agile we are asked to make a playpplication (application to play: clever, right?)
See here what a playpplication is

Some things are just so important that you have to do what it takes to get to that goal – and play4agile is that important.

Basically I hate doing playpplications – so why am I doing this?

My big problem is that whenever someone asks me to do something creative or make art, I totally freeze; my brain goes into lalalallala mode and pretends not to hear me. It almost feels like a physical barriere.

2015 was the first year that we were asked to make a playpplication – not only that, but a video… Brain panicked totally; I struggled with it so long and even considered not to go. I never filmed myself, I have never made a video, and I have no clue about how I even get a video from my phone to anywhere..

I really struggled – torn between going home to my play4agile and making a video – luckily my friends Sam and Karen decided that I had to go and made a video for me with the help of Steve. And even watching them was hard to do.

So why now?

You might be thinking “but now you are in the organisor team, so we do we have to make a playpplication this year?”.

Well I am not alone in the organisor team 😉
And to be honest, I still hate making one

So why?

  1. This time you can choose, so it is not limited to video
  2. There is no quality criteria, so anything goes (as you can see from this)
  3. You do not have to make it public (which might scare some away)
  4. And I do like the idea of people needing to make an effort to get in, so we get people, who are truly interested.

So this is my playpplication:

Because it is my agile family, my wonderful Rückersbach, my play4agile, my eventbrite – I have no choice, I have to go..


First created as a page, now a post 🙂