Having people in my space

As I did last year, I will attempt to write a blogpost a day for the 12 days of Christmas; except this time I will pick a new topic each day. This is the blogpost for the sixth day of Christmas 20/21.

Today’s topic is inspired by my oldest girl Cathrine; while I may not have given birth to any kids, a bunch of them seem to have adopted me, which is one of my great joys in life ๐Ÿ™‚

This afternoon we were watching “The Nutcracker” from Bardavon, while she was doing a puzzle and I was chilling. Btw Bardavon could use some donations, so they can continue their community work…

After the nutcracker we put on Ironman and I started building some LEGO. We were half watching the movie and half doing our own stuff. A very lovely afternoon where we were together and yet had very little interaction.

I experience this with some people. Long ago when I was living with my ex-boyfriend, I would often sit on the couch in his office and read a book, while he was playing computer games. Very little interaction but being together. That feeling of connectedness and effortlessness.

I did not have a term for this until I met drunkcod (yup the same dude from the post yesterday). We first got to know each other on twitter and only talked there for years, until 2013 when I was in Stockholm on other business and we met for coffee. And for talking; it was like meeting a friend that I had known for 25 years or more. I left after a few hours and we next met at ร˜redev later that year. I had a one day ticket and we were hanging out the whole day, though we didn’t talk much. Since then we have talked a lot and lost many hours of sleep while not wanting to stop talking, but that is a different story.

He introduced me to the term, when he said “I like having you in my space”. A term that I have truly adopted and embraced. It explained so well that feeling I have when I am with some people. We don’t need to interact, but just having that person near feels good. It can be someone I work with, where we are each working on our own thing, while being in the same room; it can be a friend at a conference that I see passing by; it can be my girl and I sort of watching a movie while doing our own thing; it can be sitting at a cafe with a fellow coach and friend and reading each our book.

It gives a really good feeling; a calmness so to say; and it is something that I value a lot. And something that I missed a lot during corona. While it has been nice with zoom calls with friends, it is also hard to be on screen so much, and the effortlessness is gone.

Not everyone likes having other people in their space, or at least not all the time. There is no right or wrong here. There is only sensing what is good for you, and considering how to get that.

I look forward to having my people in my space again once this is over ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you like having people in your space?
Do you prefer solitude?

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