Raining again

As I did last year, I will attempt to write a blogpost a day for the 12 days of Christmas; except this time I will pick a new topic each day. This is the blogpost for the third day of Christmas 20/21.

Today’s topic “Raining again” is inspired by Maiken 🙂

It is raining again today and storming as well, so the day is wet and cold and dark. When I woke up, I was sure that it was quite early, because it was still so dark inside, and yet it was half past nine.

When we have these days, it is easy to get annoyed about the weather and the things that we cannot do because of it. Or maybe rather that we do not feel like doing because of it… Taking run or a nice slow walk..

Or we get annoyed about the darkness and long for the light.

All of this is quite understandable and normally not a problem. Except that sometimes we get caught in that web of only seeing the darkness and the things that it prevents us from doing. Then it becomes a problem because it clouds our minds until we may miss out on the light, when it is there.

So what can we do instead?

We can take the opportunity to go out in it anyway, get cold and wet and feel alive. Go home, get a warm shower and take a nice warm beverage 🙂

We can light candles or lamps creating that light which nature does not provide today. If you have a light therapy lamp, maybe you can sit with it a bit longer. If you don’t have one, I totally recommend getting one.

Cuddle up under a nice blanket with a good book; not because it is cold, but because it is cosy and nice. Or if we have loved ones in our house, we can play boardgames, talk or just be together.

Make the day a slow day and take our time to be in that moment instead of always doing the next thing or looking ahead.

For more than a decade I have practiced finding the silver lining in every situations. The first years it was awfully hard as I did not have the habit, but it got better and better, and now I can do it most days. Though the isolation this year has made it harder again.

What do you do to find the light on a dark day?

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One thought on “Raining again”

  1. In the midst of a dark day sometimes being in the moment fully has worked sometimes. Don’t slog in the snow, make snowballs and throw them at trees. Watch the rain fall in puddles and make pictures of the sunset.

    On rare occasions I find a space to simply play. I jump into mud puddles and laugh at the splash. I don’t find that mindset easily.

    At the end of the day it’s likely to be simple pleasures. The simpler, more visceral the better. Hot pasta with cheese, a warm hand to hold, the comfort of silent company in a warm place, perhaps with a book.

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