As I did last year, I will attempt to write a blogpost a day for the 12 days of Christmas; except this time I will pick a new topic each day. This is the blogpost for the second day of Christmas 20/21.

Today’s topic is Unicorns inspired by V_Source 🙂

This morning at brunch I was talking with my ten year old niece about what I do. She knows that I travel when it is not corona ,and that I gave a talk on stress as she found a video on youtube while searching for her family name. I tried to explain what else I do; that I help people communicate and collaborate, but it became to abstract for her.

So we moved to what I am. As I was wearing my Batman hoodie, it was obvious to her that I was at least Batwoman. I tried to tell her that I am also a unicorn, but that was too unlikely for her eventhough she gets why people think I am a unicorn with my normal turquise and pink hair. But I have no horn, so I could not be a unicorn.

I told her that I am endorsed for being a certified unicorn on Linkedin, but that was not enough, so I didn’t even bother talking about being a certified unicorn certifier. It makes you wonder, why we really have these certifications if you can’t use them when in need 😉

It is hard to discuss these things with a ten year old, who have known of unicorns all their life, as unicorns have become vastly popular the last years. Now you can find them anywhere and on everything from toiletpaper to chocolates and sprinkles for cakes. All fluffy and magical and innocent and cute. And almost always white or pink and with elements of rainbow color in one form or another.

I too find these unicorns very cute, though some are a bit too much for me, and not all appeal to me. I am fascinated by the myths, the stories, the magic – and the power of these animals. Especially the black unicorn is powerful and magical and not often seen – which is why I had another discussion with my niece about which colors, unicorns can be 🙂

You might think that unicorns are just a myth, or silly, or nothing that grown-ups should be talking about, and that is okay.
For me they matter more than just being a fascinating story.

I am not sure who first called me a unicorn, but I do recall, when I certified my first unicorns; it was the summer of 2016 in the Romanian office of Avira, where two women were spreading joy and kindness in the office. They would make people smile, they would bring small gifts and there was something magical about it. And they were standing out from the norm each in their way. So I decided to certify them as unicorns for passing the unicorn test and showing proficient unicorn behavior.

After that I have certified a few here and there; always people who are a litle bit different from the norm, and who spread joy, kindness and a little bit of magic. People who have a certain spark. Often people have not considered it before they get the certificate, but that is because unicorns, who live in a human body, forget what they are after a while. (If you are not convinced, try watching “The last Unicorn“)

Each one of them have been thrilled to be certified 🙂

Sometimes people ask be to become a certified unicorn, because they think it could be a fun thing to get, but that is not how it works. It must be earned.

Is it silly to talk about unicorns in this way?
Maybe it is. But it is also joyful and nice, and that is something that we need in our lives – some days more than others – and anyone who contributes to that deserves to be celebrated.

So yes it might be a little bit silly, but also a little bit serious. We sometimes forget that we might have a little magic inside and that this magic can be used to help people smile and enjoy life more -not just other people, but also ourselves.

Am I a unicorn? At least I try to get in touch with the powerful black unicorn I have inside. What a mighty beast it is and what a spark it gives.

When was the last time you were in touch with the magic spark you have inside? And what would happen if you would let it loose?

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