There is still hope

On the 14th of December, Dave Snowden tweeted and asked for inspiration for themes for 12 days of Christmas blog.

I suggested gratitude, and Ed Strafford from New Zealand suggested hope. I really liked having positive themes and found that those could be inspirational, which I find lacking in the world.

Somehow it ended up with a mutual challenge for Ed and I: We will each make blog posts on hope for the 12 days of Christmas.

The modern world is magical: two people, who never met, from opposites of the world – almost as far apart as you can get, who did not even know of each other 11 days ago, will go on a common mission: spreading hope into the world for 12 days.

On to the first post:

Yesterday was Christmas evening, which is the time, where we get presents in Denmark. I was celebrating with my extra family – my chosen family – Elisabeth and I met in “gymnasium” in 1987 and have been friends ever since. Now we are as close as sisters and her kids are my kids as well.

Her and her family have supported me as I have grown from being afraid to stand outside the norm to being my whole self with all that is. I think they have not just supported me; they have enabled me to grow.

The whole family: husband and kids, parents, siblings, and all.

A really good example of the acceptance and care is the gift that I got from my boy and his girlfriend: a big fluffy dinosaur in perfect colour 🙂

Niels remarked that I looked like a seven-year-old girl sitting on the floor unwrapping my plush toy – and that is how I felt as well.

If I can go from using all my energy to fit in to a person that will appreciate a plush dinosaur gift, then there is hope.

We can change, we can embrace who we are, we can be all of ourselves.