Removing hope

Fifth day of Christmas and still going strong. Well maybe not strong, but at least I am sticking to producing a blog post about hope every day. So far is has worked out that I got inspiration somehow during the day. And though the posts may not be profound, I still hope that they will cause some reflection and contemplation.

Today it will be about removing hope.

The inspiration came as I was going through my expenses. For several years I have supported a bunch of charities with money every month no matter what my financial situation was. I have come to realise that I will not be able to help everyone and that some of the charities are closer to my heart than others.

But it pains me. I know that some of the charities are really struggling and they need the support. And as I was looking for email addresses to tell the organisations that I will no longer support them, I look at the messages saying how supporting them creates hope for people. Which makes me feel like I am now removing hope, and that gives me a knot in the stomach. I am removing hope from bullied kids, sick kids, people in need.

That sucks. I also know that I have helped them over the years and that I can use the money to help in other places. I gave up supporting hospital clowns, Folkekirkens nødhjælp, and julemærkehjem. All really great causes – as many charities are.

I kept two charities:

  • “Verdens skove” (World’s forests) that helps protect and grow forests and vegetation in Denmark and abroad. Originally they helped only in the rain forest, but now they also help locally.
  • And TUBA – terapi til unge og børn af alkoholikere (Therapy for young and children of alcoholics); this therapy is not covered by the state and I know from experience how much that is needed, so this is personal to me.

I have the same problem, when it comes to helping people: I find it extremely hard to say no to people, if I know that I can help them, that I can make them feel better about themselves, that I can listen, that I can give them hope. And yet I must learn to say no to some.

I can’t help everyone, so all I can do is hope someone else will help where I cannot.