Is there room for hope?

Fourth day of Christmas and it is not getting easier to find topics 🙂

As I was packing one of my suitcases, my friend came by and said: “I think you should write about hoping to have room for things”, so I will give that a shot.

She was off course saying this, because I was trying to fit in my new dinosaur, other Christmas gifts and some kitchen stuff from my storage in Denmark. And yes I was hoping that it would all fit. Just as I am hoping that I can make all my things fit in my apartment in Stockholm. It is fairly small and I have a bunch of stuff despite getting rid of a lot the last few years.

It also got me thinking: do we leave room for hope in our lives?

As I wrote the other day, I am not very good at having hopes for myself; I am so much better at helping others finding new hope. So I am not good at leaving room for it.

But what about other people? Do they leave room for hope in their lives? Or do they just go on their way? Do what they are supposed to do? Get caught up in the daily life?

I don’t  know.

Do you leave room in your life for hope?

One thought on “Is there room for hope?”

  1. It is my firm belief that there is hope!

    The most significant sign of hope was given to me the day the doc informed me about the cancer diagnosis: He said I’ll see you again, for the follow-up examination after the treatment. — Which meant the he thought that the will be such an examination. And there was. — It’s looking fine BTW, so no worries!

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