Sharing hope

Third day of Christmas and my third blog post.

Today I have been contemplating about sharing hope.

I had a conversation with an 18-year old boy, who is struggling with not feeling good enough always, feeling like he is the one doing everything wrong, and trying not to be in the way. In short many of the things I have been struggling with when I was younger… And sometimes still struggle with.

So I told parts of my story; how my mom could make me feel like the worst person even when I logically knew that I was not the one at fault. I talked about how I felt relieved when my mom died. Despite not having seen her the last six years of her life, I felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders; I never had to be afraid of her again.

I almost lost my sister then; because unlike me she felt huge sorrow and our different reactions almost drove us apart. I am glad that it didn’t.

“So what does this have to do with sharing hope?”, you might think.

I am glad you asked 🙂

By sharing my stories, how I suffered, how I evolved, and where I am now, I gave this young man hope. Hope that one day he can feel differently; that one day he can be the success that he sees me as.

So share your stories; you never know who needs to hear it.

2 thoughts on “Sharing hope”

  1. If “one day he can be the success that he sees me as”. How much of a success do you see yourself as?

  2. I full heartedly agree: Sharing stories is so import to share hope.
    In my opinion it also not only OK but good to share tips, just like ‚So share your stories‘. This can be so helpful, to write things down, to tell people, to talk to people, to last but not least help others.

    I shared my story over at – and some people have told me that it helped them.

    I hope this blog post helps other people, too.
    Thanks you for sharing!

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